Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Download this legendary collection now. It might be their greatest record ever. Troy pleads for a PayPal donation if you go all the way with it, which seems fair, so do what your conscience dictates. Regardless, it's worth your while to listen.
Pretty creepy.

I found this via RAGZ DANDELION's blog. Thanks Dave!

My piece on the new Gus Van Sant film for Paste magazine ... the paper version isn't out as of now, but you can read it here for free.

I haven't been posting too often, for no discernible reason. Lethargy, mostly. Not a whole lot of news to report, but I have been busy. My writing assignments have been getting better, but the dough is still tiny. I may take a non-credit certificate course in editing at the University of Washington (four classes, three terms). Mark Lansing is getting married in the spring and he asked me to be his Best Man.

I wasn't invited to my 20-year high school reunion, but if you check out this link you'll get a good look at why I don't give a fuck. It's mostly student council types, probably some football players in there, who remembers? There's a long list of people they claim they couldn't track down, but I don't think they tried very hard. I'm on that list as "missing," but I'm easy to find. My mother has the same phone number we had in 1985 and a quick Google search on my name provides many avenues of contact for me, including Resonance magazine and this here blog (in fact, just in the past two months I've heard from old ELHC galpals like Vanessa Lucas and Sarah Stollak, this after years and years of silence, so I know it can be done). So I think this is a case of a bunch of 38 year olds throwing themselves a party, and not wanting to be bothered with former kids they didn't find desirable way back when.

It's funny, I completely forgot that the 20-year anniversary was coming, until a friend of mine here in Seattle mentioned he was going to his, so I did the math and found the info online. I'm not offended, I barely remember these people and was beyond bitterness well before I graduated. I'm simply amused that for some folks it's still high school, all these years later ...

Friday, July 22, 2005

dressed for the h bomb: Fear

Good Lord, I've been wanting to see this for over TWENTY YEARS and it's pretty fucking great. Check out FEAR on Saturday Night Live, Halloween 1981 with none other than Donald Pleasance introducing them. Thanks, John Belushi ... (and "malfeitor" from

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