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Does anybody remember Deming?

I didn't get any of this cake. Some genius gave me an unlimited bar tab (booze-wise, I had to buy my own Newports), so I was too drunk to actually eat anything like cake, which is very unlike me. Way to go, Einstein.

Mark and Gwen got married onstage at the Temple Club in Lansing, Michigan on May 27, 2006 at approximately 7:00pm or so.

Who expected Deming's old Hollywood pals to show up? Here's Joe Piscopo and Howie Mandell, living the high life!

Here are the Demings.

Me and The Steve, each wearing an awesome shirt.

Get that thing away from me.

Apparently, this is the only photo anyone took of the house band, The Strange Brotherhood of Mark Lansing. From what I remember, it's pretty accurate.

Food was provided by Best Steak House. Here's chef/mastermind Andy and his lovely Kelly.
The Outlaw Avenger vs. Doctor Mummy (1965)

This backyard 8 MM monster show was lensed in a Los Angeles suburb by college students, and it's a bucket of laughs. The Outlaw Avenger is a patriotic professional wrestler who can fly. He has X-ray vision whenever he gets angry, and wears the same mask even when disguised as mild-mannered Jimmy Flame, his beatnik alter-ego. Doctor Mummy comes out of hell (Bronson Canyon) to eat the President's soul and take over as King of America, but the Outlaw Avenger drives across country in a stolen car (even though he can fly) to save the Commander-in-Chief. Like a Shakespeare play, every member of the cast is male, including the sole female character (in a flashback gag about the Outlaw Avenger's ex-wife). Written, directed and photographed by three 20 year old movie fans; John Simpkins, Roy Adler and Brad Rice grew up together in Los Angeles, and the three pals shared a love of the cheap Mexican sci-fi and horror films they thrilled to as children. Students at nearby Oakland Community College, the trio took an entire summer off to make this tribute, and they were thrilled when Pyramid Pictures picked up the film to play drive-ins throughout the southwest. Tragically, Simpkins, Adler and Rice were all drafted into the US Army after college graduation, and each became combat fatalities in Viet Nam.
End Times News & My Views
Set in the "distant future" of 1995, roving bands of "mudskins" roam the postnuclear shell of Middle America on horseback, searching out and killing any caucasians (or "whities") they find. The "men of many colors" believe the devastation of Armageddon was entirely the fault of the white race, and while less than two percent of the world's population is left, these vicious clans are tireless in their task. Meanwhile, our blonde-haired heroine is trying to pass as a man in a tribe of wild whiteskins. Calling American Holocaust! "inflamatory" is a grotesque understatement. There were only two public showings of this powerful, controversial film, and both ended in riots. In Watts, an innercity grindhouse audience set fire to their seats and started fistfighting each other, and when it played Bakersfield, an American Indian youth was almost lynched by drunken drive-in theatre patrons. It quietly circulated on video in the early 80s, a heavily truncated version retitled OK Corrall 2000. Editing left it incoherent, and several softcore sex scenes were spliced in from earlier Pyramid productions (some in color!). A bootleg DVD release has recently surfaced, restoring the "baby in the fireplace" scene and the notorious "Gone Fishin" sequence. FRED BELDIN

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Okay, it's been long enough, it's getting re-goddam-diculous. Like two weeks? Anyhow, we made it to and from Michigan without incident and the entire experience was far out. Here you can see the Man of Honor with a big plastic ball in his hand. This was what passed for Deming's bachelor party, a co-ed bowling melee without a single topless broad (that I remember). Still a lot more swingin' than my bachelor party, which is a humbling admission, believe me.

Lookin' good, Endless Jim. This was after a full afternoon of slightly desperate R&B pumped out in the Bills basement. Personally, I was drunk. I can't speak for anyone else.

Okay, Sorend was drunk too. Anyhow, the rest of the night was a blur, mostly. Nothing like a Lansing, MI bowling alley to fuck everything up.

Here's fellow genius Mike and his soon-to-be-bride Stephanie.

Joe and Rae came all the way from their hometowns of Biloxi, MS and Altamonte Springs, FL (respectively).

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